Outerboro team was invited by nabiis to showcase our brand and products along with Quoc Pham Cycling Shoes at G-Shock Fixed Gear Open 6 in Beijing. G-Shock Fixed Gear Open is a fixed gear bicycle event that includes various competition and showcases brands that revolve around the fixed gear lifestyle. Read More
We sat down with Quoc Pham’s Gus, the lead designer and developer of one of the most high quality cycling shoes in the market. Gus shares with us insights on cycling, as well his own personal style. Read More
Another one of our friends, Klamm from fixie shop nabiis, had time for a quick chit chat on how he got where he is now. He shared with us his insight on biking, the fashion industry, and much more. Take a look on what Klamm, part owner of nabiis, has to share with us. Read More
We sat down and had a very insightful and inspirational chat with Kusa, our friend who has ran his own creative dessert cart business for a while now. We wanted to get to know more about how cycling fits into his busy life, and how he got to where he is now. Read on to know his story. Read More
As all of us at Outerboro love cycling, it is great to know where would be a rewarding and scenic route to explore and take gorgeous photos on. Jot this down in your bucket list because you know you won't want to regret this. Read More
See our pictures of this great show! Read More