8 Useful Gadgets for Travelers

March 07, 2014

As we are people who are on-the-go, some travel friendly gadgets really goes a long way in making our trip easier. Here are a list of gadgets we personally recommend for your next trip to just about anywhere in the world:

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Inspiration behind the Outerboro logo

March 04, 2014

When we first designed our logo, we were like many other start ups, sitting through endless designs and concepts, and flipping through books and the internet in search of inspiration. We wanted it to be simple and straightforward, yet conveys immediately what we are about.

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Word of the Day: 4-way Stretch

February 07, 2014

There are actually one-way, two-way and four-way stretch fabrics. To understand the differences, you would need to know that the deciding factors are a fabric's 1) stretchability and 2) recovery. So what are their underlying meanings? Read more to find out.

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Free custom alterations & How to measure proper pants length

January 28, 2014

Nobody likes a pair of sloppy looking pants. Let's change that by formally introducing you to: our custom alteration service. Just let us know your preferred pants length and we will alter it for free.

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Word of the Day: Darts

January 03, 2014

We are not talking about the kind of darts where you shoot a target fixed onto the wall.
Well then, when used in fashion lingo, what are darts?

Darts on the Metropolis Shirt Close up

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Word of the Day: DWR

November 15, 2013

As we might use some lingo that you might not be familiar with in our descriptions, we decided to dedicate a post each week to defining and breaking down our industry's vocab for our readers.

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How to: Dress like a (Male) Celebrity

November 06, 2013

The trends and styles we wear are often defined by the celebs of our time. I will admit that I have always wanted to dress like one of my favorite Hollywood star every time I see them in magazines or randomly from a website, but what had always stopped me was when I found out the hefty price tag that’s behind their red carpet looks.

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Get to know the Outerboro team

November 04, 2013

Hey there, thanks for dropping in our brand new Outerboro blog page!

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