Limited Releases from Our Lab.

Outerboro's products are all designed and manufactured in-house.

Limited Releases is essentially a Crowd Funding system we've set in place to tell you what we're planning, get your honest feedback (would you buy it or not), and see if it's sensible for us to launch officially. Unlike other crowd funding campaigns where somebody makes a fancy video, receives alot of pledges only to fail at delivering, this simply does not happen with us, because we ARE the manufacturer.

Many Brands have a supplier page on their website talking about "Fair Trade" and "Responsible Supply Chain".There are often pictures of smiling ethnic workers in the factory. Some Brands even go as far as having the worker sign the product, as if to emulate the experience of buying a hyper car.

Not some marketing gimmick or "Made in USA (but by Chinese)" type of stunt. ROFL.

See our lab for yourself. Live Streamed. We show you who we really are, in real time.