About Us

How We Started

Outerboro was formed by a team of active urban dwellers, who love joining the worlds of professional and active lifestyle through clothing. We started in 2012, with a belief that clothing should be versatile and assist us in our daily lives so that we are ready to face a variety of conditions. Sudden afternoon rain showers or an accidental coffee spill should not disrupt your day. We want to be able to make effortless transitions from commuting on a bicycle, to meeting a client, to enjoying life outside of work. 

Located in the heart of Taiwan's world-leading textile industry cluster, we carefully select the multi-functional fabrics infused with the latest technologies to create high-quality and versatile garments. Everyday functionality infused with style and fit is the cornerstone of our design philosophy.

Join us on this journey, as we plan to never stop learning and improving to create next-generation garments. Your comments and suggestions are important to us. Stay tuned for more exciting products to come!