Outerboro Launch Celebration

December 18, 2013

On December 12th, 2013, we threw a Meet & Greet Launch Party to officially celebrate the opening of Outerboro's webshop. More than 250 Outerboro friends and fans graced the party with their presence and made the night memorable and one of a kind. Besides providing free food and drinks, we also invited 2 photographers and 2 DJs to spice up the party, as well as a graffiti artist to personalize Outerboro postcards with your name or word of your choice. We took the opportunity to display our products and organized a test area, where party goers can see the difference between DWR treated fabric versus normal fabric. Here are some photos to recap the night for you, whether you were there or not!

Outerboro Launch Party- Food Served

Outerboro Launch Party- Sponsored by Arta Tequila

The party was sponsored by Arta Tequila.

Outerboro Launch Party- Test Area Liquid Containing Bottles

Different liquids in the test area for guests to splatter on fabrics

Outerboro Launch Party- Showing blogger DWR treated fabric

Showing the difference between DWR treated fabric and normal fabric...using red wine.

Outerboro Launch Party- Fans wearing Outerboro

Fans of Outerboro wearing the Stealth and Metropolis Shirt.

Looking fresh fellas!

Outerboro Launch Party- Taiwanese female rapper Miss Ko show support

The 24th Golden Melody Award winner for Best New Artist and

popular Taiwanese female rapper Miss Ko arrived to show her support.

Outerboro Launch Party- Inside the Party

Outerboro Launch Party- Party Scene


Drum roll, please! We present a brief party video that our photographers from Up Against the Wall put together for us.

This pretty much sums up the amazing night for us.

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