Work From Home - Trends And The Most Comfortable Suit

Work From Home - Trends And The Most Comfortable Suit

May 12, 2021

A year after the COVID outbreak has been reported around the world, it is obvious that a new way of working is here to stay. Work from home, or ‘WFH’ as many would say, is a term that is prevalent everywhere in the world. Whilst the ability to WFH used to be offered as a perk by companies, it is a way of work and lifestyle that is now here to stay. Based on this Forbes article, it has been estimated that by 2025, around 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least 5 days out of the month.

What trends will follow with this new normal for work? What does this entail for the fashion and clothing industry? 

When we take a look at statistics, in a survey by Upwork that was conducted in Q4 of 2020, nearly 57% of Americans are working from home at least some of the time, with 42% of this group working remotely full time. By 2025, it is likely that 36.2 million American workers will be fully remote, a number that has doubled since pre-COVID outbreak. So, what does this mean for the future of this work trend?

2020-2021 Work From Home Trends:

  1. Coworking Spaces: numbers are down but not out
  2. Indoor activity and Work from Home apps downloads rising
  3. Work from home becomes a jumping board for startups
  4. Content creators will dominate work from home 
  5. Improved diversity and inclusivity in teams
  6. Remote work is the new retirement
  7. Virtual reality and holograms for better virtual meetings
  8. Remote work will reduce environmental impact, and reduces the need for office space

It is not to say that working from home only benefits employees. It actually also benefits employers as well, as studies show that telecommuting saves employers and workers time and money, increases productivity, lowers exposure to office colds and flus, reduces stress, and is environmentally friendly as the number of commuters are significantly reduced. 

Now that we know what trends to look out for, how does this even affect fashion?

Men’s Health says that “Your work-from-home wardrobe can be comfortable and elevate your mood to conquer the day—it just requires a few style upgrades.” Outerboro’s interpretation of that is work clothes do not have to be restrictive and uncomfortable. Recently, we took inspiration from many Asian Americans who have returned to Asia and are now working remotely in a country that has a different time zone from their company. We wanted to showcase how that is, especially in Taiwan where the government and its people have triumphed over the spread of COVID. Introducing our ‘Work from Home in Taiwan’ video, featuring the versatile and most comfortable suit you’d ever own or need- The Breeze 2.0 Suit


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