GOLF - 19th Hole

GOLF - 19th Hole

April 01, 2021

Someone once said the word ‘Golf’ could have derived from Scottish word ‘goulf’, which means ‘to hit’, or could have also been from the Scottish word ‘kolf’, which means stick. There are others who said that ‘Golf’ could be an acronym of the four words Green, Oxygen, Light, and Friendship, which is the perfect way to showcase the true nature of golf. Although many historians have different ideas of the origin of golf, it has been said there had been people playing golf in Scotland as early as the 15th century. Back then there were no specifics in golf attire, so most golfers wore Scottish shepherd clothing, such as skirts and animal skin, to play golf. Later on, golf attire gradually evolved when the sport became more and more popular amongst European royalty.

Golf’s clothing style and requirements is a type of culture that has been passed down and modified throughout the centuries. It is a ritual, an attitude, and spirit that all ties in closely with the origin of golf. Back in the day, society saw cowboys as lower class Western American civilians, whereas golf was a sport that only royalty could play. This notion was especially true for British immigrants, who would put special care in their golf outfits and details. This was when women were forbidden to play golf at all.

Along with time, changes in societal regulations allowed the introduction of golf to the masses. A good percentage of civilians, including women, learned to play golf and enjoy golf. Many country clubs began to encourage golfers to wear comfortable and functional golf attire so they can play with more ease and movability. American golf associations even opted to loosen up on golf attire regulations, as to attract younger golfers to the sport.

Traditionally after completing 18 holes in golf, golfers would continue on to the 19th hole. The 19th hole is actually a gathering after playing the sport, where golfers would put on a more formal jacket or coat over their polo then join the rest of the golfers for a post-golf luncheon or dinner gathering. These gatherings would allow golfers ample time to socialize, discuss their golfing experience or gossip about current events, hence it is the 19th hole of their day.

Today, we have launched our very own 19th Hole Bundle so that you could dress comfortably and respectably in your next 19th hole gathering.

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高爾夫球場上的著裝禮儀 必修課

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