Word of the Day: Darts

January 03, 2014

 Darts in a Dartboard
It's not this kind of darts we are talking about.
When used as fashion lingo, what are darts?

Darts are folds sewn into fabric or clothing that helps provide a more 3D shape to a garment, that helps tailor the garment to the wearer’s shape.

This tailoring method can be seen used on women’s and men’s clothing.

Darts on the Metropolis Shirt Close up

For menswear, vertical darts are sewn close to or from the bottom of the blouse to a point generally around the bust line. However, for an even more slimming fit, darts can be sewn in on the back of the garment, as well.

Darts on the Metropolis Shirt FrontDarts on the Metropolis Shirt Back

For women’s clothing, vertical darts are also sewn to the bust line from the front of the garment. Another type of darts for women’s clothing are the bust darts. These are short triangle folds that provides space for the chest area, which will bring a closer fit.

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