Inspiration behind the Outerboro logo

March 04, 2014

When we first designed our logo, we were like many other start ups, sitting through endless designs and concepts, and flipping through books and the internet in search of inspiration. We wanted it to be simple and straightforward, yet conveys immediately what we are about.

After proposing countless design ideas, our design guru who is also our marketing head, James, came up with the brilliant design that everyone took a liking to:

Inspiration of Outerboro logo Vertical version

Our logo is simple enough. Set in a circular, wheel-like frame, it combined our love for the great outdoors, while living in urban cities, into one simple design. The wheel-like frame is actually also shaped like a gear that keeps everything in motion, signifying our lifestyle that is perpetually on the go and a need to always be ready.

Outerboro logo Horizontal version

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