Add these 10 cycling routes to your bucket list

March 13, 2014

As all of us at Outerboro love cycling, it is great to know where would be a rewarding and scenic route to explore and take gorgeous photos on. 

Jot this down in your bucket list because you know you won't want to regret this.

1. Cycle Route 10, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is probably the most bike-friendly capital in the world. There is no doubt that one of the most scenic paths would be here, one that is a 4 hour route covering a total of 42 km in Amsterdam's rural and urban areas, pass ring canals, windmills, and other significant structures that will leave you in awe.

2. Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Canada to U.S.

One of the longest off pavement bike paths in the world, the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is definitely not for the amateur bikers, as it boasts a 4,418 km long route with altitude as high as 3,600 m. This one tests your endurance and passion for the sport and the great outdoors.

3. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

One of the easier routes in this list, The Great Ocean Road takes you through views of the majestic ocean from cliff tops, farmland, and wetlands around Lake Connewarre. To complete the entire route, challenge yourself to this 243 km windy road or take it easy and take the shorter 60 km route. You got it, mate.

4. The Karakoram Highway, China-Pakistan

Reaching an altitude as high as 4,700 m at the Khunjerab Pass, the Karakoram Highway is the highest international road in the world. Challenge yourself to this 1,200 km route that puts you mostly on unpaved roads, but ride through beautiful mountain scenery, snowcapped mountains, and small villages as part of the reward.

5. Route of the Hiawatha, Idaho-Montana, U.S.

Converted from a railroad into a 24 km biking route, this is one of the most scenic (once) railroad in the U.S. This is the perfect bike route for a family trip, as the trail is mostly flat and easy to ride.

6. Molesworth Road, Christchurch, New Zealand

As unchallenging as the above picture may look, this isolated bike route actually takes about 5 days to complete. Get ready for some serious adventure riding as you venture out on this 320 km ride that may require bike-pushing and arduous climbs, but be ready to be rewarded with beautiful farm scenery and the hot springs at Hanmer.

7. P'tit Train du Nord Linear Park, Quebec, Canada

This beautiful trail goes through many European-styled villages, which will pass by the famous Mont Tremblant, where you can stop to either ski in the winter or simply hike up in the summer. This route goes for about 200 km and is a combination of paved and dust roads. 

8. Udaipur City tour, Rajasthan, India

The best way to travel and explore Udaipur is by bicycle, such as in Amsterdam. While biking here, cyclists will ride pass majestic palaces, temples, forts, even herdsmen with their livestock. This would be the perfect destination if you are looking for a rustic with a touch of romance in a city of the East.

9. Route des Grand Crus, Burgundy, France

Luscious vineyards, hills dotted with endless view of greenery, the "Road of the Great Wines" is where you should ride through if you love wine, cheese, and leisure biking. Simply hop on one of the trains that connects you from Paris, Lyon, Lille, or Marseille and arrive at Burgundy within a few hours.

10. Sun Moon Lake, Nantou, Taiwan

The Sun Moon Lake is one of the most anticipated destination for foreigners and locals for its calm scenery, with mountains and hills surrounding the lake as if it is a large basin. Literally located in the heart of Taiwan, Its beauty has even once inspired ancient Chinese painters and poets to compose famous poetry and artwork. The route around Sun Moon Lake is about 3 hours, with the path ranging from regular paved roads to wooden bike paths. 

*Information referenced from CNN Travel.*

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