How to: Suit up for interview success

November 05, 2013

the Outerboro blog- Suiting Up for Interview Success


We all have to dress for job interviews a few times in our lives, but how exactly do you do it right? While some of you might have a strong and impressive resume, you have to make sure your interview outfit will look the part, as well. You’ve only got one shot on first impressions, so let’s do it impeccably with these interview style tips:

  1. Blend in. Check out the company culture before you go into the interview. You want to get a feel of that company’s culture (laid back versus conservative) and dress accordingly. However, if you are unsure, it is always better to wear a slightly dressier suit compared to the company’s normal work attire.

    ** Don’t forget: that matching the company’s environment might mean being clean shaven or removing earrings and jewelry.

    the Outerboro blog- Suiting Up for Interview Success

    Business Formal or Business Casual?

    1. Look sharp. You want to look sharp at an interview, and that will show largely from your suit if you are not. If your suit is too big or too tight, time to get it tailored or just buy a new one. Dressing sharply will bring out your confidence, and you will also ooze professionalism at the same time.

    ** Don’t forget: to iron your clothes the night before. Wrinkles= lack of attention to details! (Try these wrinkle-free pants.)

    the Outerboro blog- Suiting Up for Interview Success

    Shirt tucked, yup. Pants tailored, done. Matching belt and shoes, check.

    1. Body Check. Minor details, such as nose and ear hairs, are often overlooked. This goes hand in hand with shaving or keeping your beard in check, if you have one. Check your nails and make sure they look clean and polished. In a room with just you and the interviewer, you don’t want anything that would distract or take away from your suaveness, especially not with your own facial hair as the culprit.

    ** Don’t forget: to keep your hair in check! Give yourself enough time to fix it up prior to the interview.

    the Outerboro blog- Suiting Up for Interview Success

    Messy hair sends off wrong signals to your potential employer

    1. Odor Check. Some dudes are used to spritzing themselves with their cologne before they step out of the house. For the interview, let’s keep the cologne at bay and use an odorless deodorant. You never know if your interviewer will be allergic to your man scent.

    TO SUM IT UP…Wear these:

    -          A suit in solid color (i.e. navy or dark gray)

    -          Long sleeve shirt (white or light blue, something coordinated with your suit)

    -          Belt (color that matches with your dress shoes)

    -          Tie (something stylish but on the conservative side)

    -          Dark socks (preferably black or dark gray)

    -          NO jewelry (especially earrings)

    the Outerboro blog- Suiting Up for Interview Success

    Now go rock that interview.



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