How to Mix & Match for a Week

How to Mix & Match for a Week

March 16, 2021

When we say that our clothing is versatile, what do we mean?

It means that if your closet is full of our clothing items,  you can choose to dress up or dress down for various occasions of the week. From there, we determined that we would like to show you how our stylist mix and match pieces from the Outerboro closet. First, take a moment to watch our video on ‘How to Mix & Match for a Week’:

So, what are the looks for and why? 

Below, we give you in depth scenarios and reasoning behind each outfit. Enjoy!


Monday’s look could be your typical work look that is suitable for meetings, networking events, and meeting clients, but because of the colder weather we paired the look with the Apollo Jacket to provide the necessary insulation against the chill.

Swift Shirt

Motile Breeze Pants

Apollo Jacket 


Need to look sharp during a rainy day? We would pair the Breeze 2.0 Suit along with the Nautilus Coat to protect you from the elements from when you step out of the office to catch a cab, until you sit down in a meeting room.

Breeze 2.0 Suit

Nautilus Coat


Sometimes the weather gets pretty unpredictable, like going from a day with thunderstorms to a sunny, slightly breezy day. Throw on the Rover Vest if you’re heading south towards a warmer climate, just in case you are trying to cozy up on the train ride down for a quick nap. 

Rover Vest

Swift Short Sleeve Shirt

Delta Pants



For a simple work look with potential showers in the forecast, opt for the Hudson Jacket just in case. The Verflex Cotton Pants could pair well with almost any shirts you’d prefer.

Hudson Jacket

Verflex Cotton Pants


It’s Friday and you can finally dress more casually, but your friends asked you to come out for Happy Hour. The easiest way to achieve comfort while looking elevated is to throw on the M.O.N. Sports Coat. Easy and no frills. 

Merino V-Neck Tee

M.O.N. Sports Coat


With all the socializing and eating throughout the week, you finally have the full day to exercise and condition. There might be some light drizzle but fear not- you have the 4 way stretch waterproof Bolt Jacket on and the Breeze 2.0 Shorts which dries fast anyway.

Bolt Jacket 

Breeze 2.0 Shorts 

(inside: Essential Long Sleeve Merino Tee )


It’s family day, but if you don’t look like you put some effort into your outfit, you know your Aunt Z would not let you hear the end of it. After you decided on wearing the Space Merino Hoodie with a pair of old joggers, your wife helps you by choosing the Kaffetech Knit Blazer,  completing one of your favorite Sunday looks.

Space Merino Hoodie  

Kaffetech Knit Blazer

Which outfit was your favorite? How would you mix & match Outerboro pieces? Comment below! 

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