Kaffetech Face Mask Cover

Kaffetech Face Mask Cover

December 18, 2020

How are you during this pandemic? 

Have you been wearing a face mask when you step out of the house?

On that note...have you tried using a face mask cover?

If the answer is no, here is a GIF to help walk you through how it works:

Kaffetech Face Mask Cover 'How to Wear' GIF

So, why are we here talking to you about face mask covers in the first place? If you have been following our XMAS SPECIAL offer that ends on Dec. 31, with any purchase you will receive 3 free sustainable Kaffetech fabric face mask covers. 

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How are these masks sustainable?

Well, initially we have purchased the fabric with the intentions of making a new Kaffetech polo. When the pandemic hit, we saw there is a more immediate need for face masks, and thus, we made face mask covers.

Kaffetech fabric has anti-odor properties, which makes it one of the best materials for face mask covers. It can help prevent bad odor after a long day of usage. We still suggest that you wash your face mask cover after a full day of use. 

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Face masks covers can allow medical grade face masks to be reusable for up to 2-3 days more, which is especially crucial during times when face masks are experiencing heavy manufacturing shortage. Directly reusing face masks would cost the bacterial filtration to be much less effective, so we suggest you to fully utilize these face mask covers if you want to save on throwing away face masks on the daily.

After we made these face mask covers, we donated a huge portion to local hospitals to help combat face mask shortages in Taiwan. Now, as Taiwan has effectively contained local spread of COVID-19, we want to share these face mask covers with you, as well. 

We urge you to wear face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The disease spreads from people to people via respiratory droplets, and these droplets are airborne from when you talk, sneeze, shout, cough, or even sing. As unsanitary as that already sounds, droplets can easily land in the mouths of those near you or they can easily breathe these droplets in. Mask wearing can create a simple barrier to protect others and yourself.

The Scientist Infographic of Mask Effectiveness by Sonja Pinsker

The Scientist Infographics on How not to wear a face mask by Sonja Pinsker

(Both graphic art by SONJA PINSKER via The Scientist)

For more information on face masks and how effective wearing face masks are, please refer to the CDC’s “Considerations for Wearing Masks” and for more information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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