Summer D-Cup Bike Polo game


Bike Polo game hosted by Drift Café

Feng (普普鋒), the founder of Drift Café and bike polo team Glocy C, told us that he loves Bike Polo so much that he devoted himself to help newcomers to understand the rules and have fun with bike polo game. 

The women and men who play bike polo, both competitively and for pleasure, are dedicated to the advancement of the sport, maintaining the integrity and competitiveness of a serious game while supporting a cohesive community that is shared around the globe.

Bike Polo is now facing a generation gap in Taiwan, but Feng and his team tried hard to make the polo game busier than before, hope to see the bike polo still thrive on.

 We let our friends to test League Polo in the bike polo game. 

By rider/tester "Blue": 

"So comfy in the hot & humid weather, we still stayed fresh during the bike polo games. "



They're satisfied with LEAGUE POLO

Photos courtesy of One Gear Mag

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