Jet Life

With the increase in travel, especially within the Asia region, there is a clear need for travel-friendly clothing whether for business or pleasure.

Our Motile and Verflex blazers allow you to stay professional and sharp but remain comfortable on your journey.
Move with ease (4-way stretch), stay clean  (DWR), and look sharp (wrinkle-free / easy care fabrics) while arriving at your destination to meet clients.

In airports and on airplanes, sometimes it can be freezing and other times, it can be quite hot. Merino wool baselayer allows one to be comfortable and
at their optimal microclimate. Furthermore, Merino wool and Kaffetech series sweats has anti-odor properties so you can smell fresh off a long-haul flight.

Unique and travel-friendly designs such as subtle invisible-zipper pockets will keep your belongings safe and give you a peace of mind to enjoy your vacation.