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Breeze 2.0 SUIT & SHORTS
Ace Polo

** If your blazer and pants /shorts size differ, please leave a comment via 'Order Notes' textbox to let us know your size when you place your order.

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■ BREEZE 2.0 BLAZER *1 (Navy):

The new Breeze is able to maximize its breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Combine that with 4-way stretch function, you have a garment that truly keeps you dry and comfortable in high temperature climates. 

■ BREEZE 2.0 PANTS *1 (Navy)

Tapered and drawstring design makes this pair of pants versatile in different occasion. Dress it up with Breeze 2.0 Blazer in formal settings or wear it on its own. No matter what you will be comfortable and confident.

■ BREEZE 2.0 SHORTS *1 (Navy)

The Drawstring, perforated pockets, and quick dry features allow you to be spontaneous, for whenever you want to dive into the waters or chill by the pool. The Soft Touch of the fabric might even let you almost forget that you are even wearing shorts. 

■ ACE POLO *1 (White):

The recycled coffee grounds that we infused into the yarn, helps resist odors and dry fast throughout your day. Put a blazer over the Ace Polo and you are ready for business. Do tell your golf team about the recycled PET bottles infused in your shirt, and feel good about it. Let them know that you are on top of your game.


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