Stay Warm

One of the keys to staying comfortable is managing your microclimate: the temperature, humidity, and airstream, in between your skin and the garment. That temperature is between 32 Celsius + / - ; humidity of 50 + / - 10% , and airflow of 25 + / - 15 cm / sec
At Outerboro, we stress the onion layering system, baselayer, middle layer, and outerlayer to provide ultimate comfort and warmth.

A proper baselayer with Merino fabric is capable of handling the various external temperatures. Whether its hot or cold outside, merino wool naturally regulates temperatures keeping you warm when its cold out while keeping you cool when it’s hot out due to its excellent ability to keep you dry.  

In the middle layer, the Kaffetech Crewneck, where the soft cotton and coffee-infused polyester keeps you warm and dry.

At the outerlayer, 3M insultation technology is used in the bomber and reversible jackets to provide ultimate warmth retention while keeping the garment light.