A Day in the Life of Elmo

A Day in the Life of Elmo

August 04, 2014

Last week we journeyed out with Elmo towards northeast Taiwan to the beautiful Long Dong. Long Dong is a place known for its natural rock formations and underwater sights, perfect for climbers, scuba divers, and snorkelers. The sunshine, crashing waves, perfect natural pools and terraces of stone all make this the ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts to venture to for the weekend. In preparation for the day’s adventures, Elmo wore the Breeze Shorts for this trip.

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Interview with Quoc Pham Gus

July 31, 2014

We sat down with Quoc Pham’s Gus, the lead designer and developer of one of the most high quality cycling shoes in the market. Gus shares with us insights on cycling, as well his own personal style.

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Interview with nabiis' Klamm

June 27, 2014

Another one of our friends, Klamm from fixie shop nabiis, had time for a quick chit chat on how he got where he is now. He shared with us his insight on biking, the fashion industry, and much more. Take a look on what Klamm, part owner of nabiis, has to share with us.

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Mix & Match with Photographer Liu Wen Cheng

June 13, 2014

Photographer Liu Wen Cheng brings his A-game to this week's mix & match shoot.

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Top 5 Dream Summer Vacay Destinations (Staff Picks)

June 09, 2014

Summer is kicking in fast, and with the heat rolling in, we can’t help but share our dream summer plans during lunch breaks. I have decided to compile this into a list, perhaps we can check these destinations off in the next few years. While a few members of our team have plans to get hitched in the next year, you will find some of the spots to be honeymoon worthy.

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Mix & Match with Nabiis' Klamm

May 23, 2014

This week's Mix & Match came from one of nabiis' owners, Klamm.

Klamm introduced his laid-back and comfortable style with the Motile Breeze Shorts.

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Mix & Match with Ritz

May 16, 2014

Style is how you rock it. Here Ritz adds personality and personal touch to the Motile pants and Stealth shirt.

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Interview with Kusa, Taiwanese dessert cart-cycle entrepreneur

April 29, 2014

We sat down and had a very insightful and inspirational chat with Kusa, our friend who has ran his own creative dessert cart business for a while now. We wanted to get to know more about how cycling fits into his busy life, and how he got to where he is now. Read on to know his story.

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How a gourmet dessert cart owner wears the Metropolis

April 11, 2014

Mix and match with Kusa, popular gourmet dessert (bicycle) cart "Une Ruelle Calme" owner in the streets of Taipei. Check back next week for an exclusive interview with him!

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On Set

April 07, 2014

Caught on camera, taking a break on a breakwater while filming and photographing for upcoming new products.

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Best customer feedback yet

April 03, 2014

Our best feedback yet came from our customer Kyle C. from California, who purchased the Vanguard, Stealth, and Metropolis Shirt.

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A look at the G-Shock x Remix Party feat. Aaron De La Cruz

March 20, 2014

Let's take it back to March 7th.

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