When we first designed our logo, we were like many other start ups, sitting through endless designs and concepts, and flipping through books and the internet in search of inspiration. We wanted it to be simple and straightforward, yet conveys immediately what we are about. Read More
Good things come in pairs. We've got the perfect gift for your man. Read More
There are actually one-way, two-way and four-way stretch fabrics. To understand the differences, you would need to know that the deciding factors are a fabric's 1) stretchability and 2) recovery. So what are their underlying meanings? Read more to find out. Read More
Nobody likes a pair of sloppy looking pants. Let's change that by formally introducing you to: our custom alteration service. Just let us know your preferred pants length and we will alter it for free. Read More
Outerboro teamed up with nabiis to have our apparel showcased in their trendy shop in the busy part of town, Ximending. Read More
We made our shirts and pants to be generally liquid repellent. Watch our video above to see our Vanguard shirt work its 'magic'. Read More
PPAPER shop close up on Outerboro apparel
The first ever store location to carry Outerboro apparel is the fashion magazine owned and interior design winning store, PPAPER shop.
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We are not talking about the kind of darts where you shoot a target fixed onto the wall.
Well then, when used in fashion lingo, what are darts?

Darts on the Metropolis Shirt Close up

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New year, new beginnings. A fresh start with new resolutions on hand. Read More
Get an exclusive look at our brand video! Read More